Jeff Bezos Just Shared His 3-Step Formula for Solving Problems–and It’s Absolutely Brilliant

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Yes, Amazon even gets its famous founder’s orders wrong once in a while. Here’s what Bezos does when that happens.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos recently sat down with the Economic Club of Washington, D.C. for a very interesting interview. In just over 45 minutes, Bezos discussed much of his business philosophy, including how he handles problems that come up at Amazon.

It came in response to an interesting question posed by the interviewer:

“When you buy things on Amazon, do you ever get the wrong order? Do you call up and complain?”

Bezos responded by saying he does indeed get faulty orders from Amazon from time to time, and that he treats these problems the same way he does customer problems that he discovers, which involves the following:

1. Asking the team to write up a case study.

2. Identifying real root causes.

3. Identifying and recommending root fixes.

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