Dealing Well With Setbacks Is Just as Important as Taking Advantage of Opportunities

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Every day, we lose everything. That time, that moment, has come and past.

Practically, when faced with a setback Elena and I regroup and do the following:

1. Recalibrate. Adjust your mindset, expectations, renew your goals and targets.

2. Consolidate everything. Reduce or get rid of things that are a liability to you now.

3. Go back on full offense. Approach your life, business, career with intensity and massive action.

What would you do to get restarted again?

You get up and you keep going. You are aren’t going to break. You can’t allow yourself to think that way. You have to be willing to do what it takes to advance your cause.

The wheels can come off the economy again. Some disaster can strike and probably will.

Prepare yourself for it. Protect yourself from it. Insulate yourself by learning, improving your economic situation and gaining financial freedom.

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