Dealing Well With Setbacks Is Just as Important as Taking Advantage of Opportunities

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For example, Walt Disney declared bankruptcy early in his career and was at the brink of bankruptcy again even after he had created Mickey Mouse. In fact, he had to get a bank loan to complete his iconic film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, because he was out of money. That film became a blockbuster and that’s how he avoided failure again. Today, Disney is a multi-billion-dollar company. Everyone in the world knows Disney’s name, his characters and his theme parks.

Henry Ford was dyslexic, which is a severe learning disability, but he used it to his advantage. He would repeat certain actions over and over, using rote learning to remember things. From this experience, he transformed manufacturing around the world by introducing the the assembly line. Think of the impact he had on almost every industry. The assembly line, whether automated, robotic or line workers, is a staple and backbone of every manufacturing process.

A person can never really go to zero, though. No one can take your successes from you or your experiences. They cannot take your courage, dignity, spirituality, your faith, beliefs, honor, trust or your ability to produce. You are more than your material possessions.

Personally, if I lost my material wealth, not a lot would change for me. Sure, the material part of my life would change, but me, myself, would not change. I would be the same person, with the same personality, the same approach to life, the same strengths and the same weaknesses that I’ve always had. The real me wouldn’t change. The wrapping might change but the content stays the same.

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