Dealing Well With Setbacks Is Just as Important as Taking Advantage of Opportunities

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You can never lose everything because you are much more than your material possessions.

The definition of a setback: A check to progress; a reverse or defeat. An act or instance of setting back.

Elena and I are frequently asked what would we do if we lost all our money. How do you rebuild from ground zero? How would we tackle such an enormous setback?

Many times, I think people ask that because they are at ground zero. They want to learn how to grow because what they are doing isn’t working for them. They are stuck at this low level and need help. They either don’t want to, or can’t, recognize their own situation. They may want to glimpse how the successful think so they can emulate it.

If you study successful people throughout history, you’ll see that a majority of them faced some roadblock or adversity that they had to overcome. Very few successful people are handed everything to them on a silver platter. Sure, it does happen but again, most people have to fight and earn their success.

Imagine, every day 1,700 millionaires are created in the United States alone. They have overcome some setback or hurdle to achieve that.

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