5 Type Of Girls Every Man In His 20s Should Date

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(3) The Vegetarian/Vegan Yoga Lover

kay, this woman is probably out to make a deep connection in life and is looking for someone with similar goals. And if you want to do the same you will really like her. She has her goals in place and is very dedicated in life. She’s a fitness and a health freak and believes in long back rubs with some essential oils. You’ll often see her carry her yoga mat around while she shows off her super tight and round rear. If you suddenly start eating healthy and breathing slowly in life, you know she’s good for you. Also, take her to the hills for a trek. She’ll absolutely love that!

She’s slow and soulful in bed- a nice blend of Kamasutra and some intense yoga asanas, you’ll actually love making love to her. Don’t indulge her in a quickie though. She doesn’t like them much.

(4) The Player Girl

his one’s a heartbreaker for sure but you need a heartbreak in your 20s to maybe prepare you for your 30s? She’s a player and loves to play. She’s hot one day and cold the other. There are big chances that she’ll ghost you or forget about you because she has a long list of boys, who are her ‘friends’. But this girl is a lot of fun and even if you’re flinging with her, it’s going to be absolutely worth it. Just try and not get too attached, that is all. She has no time for emotions or attachments because she loves her freedom a bit too much.

She’s quite experienced in bed because she loves to have sex and loves to be free and experimental, just like her personality.

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