5 Type Of Girls Every Man In His 20s Should Date

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There are 5 kind of girls you’d find in your twenties, who you’d like to date.

(1) The City Socialite

She’s a people’s person and knows how and when to be charming. She also dresses to kill and loves doing so too. That doesn’t make her a bimbette or eye candy. The urban sophisticate is calling the shots and makes sure she’s the centre of attention, wherever she goes. She’s not your regular outdoorsy adventure girl though but you’ll have your own fun with her.

Nothing comes in between her ambition and she gets what she wants usually. How’s she in bed? Well, she loves being on top for sure. Maybe you can ask her to wear something sexy and expensive that highlight her breast, while she’s on top. She’ll definitely do it.

(2) The Arty Nouveau Hipster

he’s exciting and stylish and knows her art and her city very well. She’ll swing you to the next jazz bar or a funky art exhibition where you think you’ll get bored but her spunk won’t let you in the least. If you want to know more about art and music, she’s the right kind of girl to date. She knows her city culture like no one else and thrives on it too!

It could be a stereotype but she’s also an idealist and delves deep into theories of feminism and liberalism frequently. So, maybe your interest won’t match perfectly well with hers, but she’ll be a fun one to hang with.

She’s quite creative and dirty in bed, but her bed might not be clean. Maybe change the sheets once you’re at her place? Geddit?

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