3 Things Successful People Do on the Daily

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2. A Morning Routine

I love this quote from Tim: “The first 60- to- 90 minutes of the day handicap the next 12 hours.”

Among those he profiled, most had a morning routine. Laura Vanderkam, an expert on creating habits, found the same thing―that almost all successful people have a morning routine.

Think about a typical morning: You’re rushing, barely get any food in your system, let alone a nutritious breakfast, getting the kids out the door and leaving the house feeling stressed and like you’re already behind. This was how I felt for years, until I implemented a morning routine into my life.

You see, with a morning routine, you have control over how your day begins. This is really important because research out of Wharton and Ohio State shows that your mood in the morning affects your productivity all day.

Instead of putting out fires from the moment you wake up, you have the time to start your day with a positive mindset and gear up for making the most of the day. So what should be in your morning routine? Most of the people in Tim’s book meditate in the morning and many exercise and journal. I like to plan out the one or two most important tasks I have planned for the day―my “must-dos.”

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