3 Things Successful People Do on the Daily

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1. Meditation

More than 80 percent of the people Tim interviewed have a meditation ritual. And among those who don’t, most have a practice similar to meditation, such as listening to the same song or artist on repeat.

According to Tim, meditation sets you up for success, because “by practicing focus when it doesn’t matter, you can better focus when it does matter.” Based on his interviews, he found that men tend to like Transcendental meditation, whereas women prefer Vipassana meditation.

When I read these facts in the book, I wasn’t surprised. I already knew the Marines use it to become more resilient in war zones and sports teams, such the Super Bowl-winning Seattle Seahawks, credit meditation with improved performance.

Meditation is one of the best ways to “control your brain,” and science backs this up. It’s like daily exercise for your brain. Meditation is a way to stop that voice in your head. It’s how you silence the voice that tells you to give up and that you’re not good enough.

It also makes you happier, less depressed and anxious, a better decision maker and more compassionate. Tim recommends starting with the apps Headspace and Calm, seeing which one you prefer, and then devoting just a few minutes a day to this practice.

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